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Welcome to Plays by Post: an international play-club exploring theatre and culture from around the world. 

Plays by Post was a 12-week outreach project focusing on making new international plays and theatre accessible to artists and audiences in the UK in a time when physical connection across borders was impossible because of Covid-19. The project was an international play-club where a group of 50 participants read the same plays over the course of 12 weeks, exploring theatre-making from the countries involved through online workshops, sharing ideas with each other, and engaging in a panel discussion with the international writer, translator and British director on zoom webinars. Participants from all over the UK signed up to the project for free and received six international plays by post, with a two-week reading period for each, consisting of an online workshop for that particular play and culture, as well as an online panel discussion with the writer and team behind the UK publication. The project ended with a webinar on International Collaborations with the writers, Royal Court Theatre and International Performing Rights. 

The programme took place from 1st of June to the 31st of August 2020.


1. I Run by Line Mørkeby, translated by Kim Dambæk

2. Going Through by Estelle Savasta, translated by Kirsten Hazel Smith

3. Amsterdam by Maya Arad Yasur, translated by Eran Edry

4. The Rage of Narcissus by Sergio Blanco, translated by Daniel Goldman

5. by Guillermo Calderón, translated by William Gregory

6. The Ridiculous Darkness by Wolfram Lotz, translated by Daniel Brunet

Countries involved in Plays by Post:

United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Israel, Chile, Uruguay and Germany.


Line Mørkeby (Denmark), Estelle Savasta (France), Maya Arad Yasur (Israel), Sergio Blanco (Uruguay), Guillermo Calderón (Chile) and Wolfram Lotz (Germany).


Kim Dambæk, Kirsten Hazel Smith, Eran Edry, Daniel Goldman, William Gregory and Daniel Brunet.


Camilla Gürtler, Omar Elerian, Matthew Xia, Daniel Goldman, Sam Pritchard and Anthony Simpson-Pike.

Associate director Louise Stern (Going Through).


Camilla Gürtler, Marcus Roche, Lilac Yosiphon, Nohar Lazarovich, Sophie Stevens, Camila May González Ortiz and Annika Kordes.

Project Partners: 

Oberon Books, Nick Hern Books, Gate Theatre, Actors Touring Company, Royal Court Theatre, Bush Theatre, Pleasance Theatre, Institut Francais, International Performing Rights.

Plays by Post has now ended. Keep an eye on this page for information on future programmes.

Plays by Post was supported by:



Take a look at our plays and read along with us!

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