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  written by the children at Omnibus Theatre


‘The law says we can’t play anymore. But what is a toy if it can’t play?’


Cut the Cord Theatre presents: Beyond the Blue, a new play for adults written by children in response to the refugee crisis.


How much do our children actually notice about the world they’re growing up in? Do we give them enough credit or just dismiss their ideas because they’re children…?

The result is a story that’s not only charming and imaginative but also incredibly relevant to one of our most complex contemporary issues.

Toyland is at war. Refusing to succumb to the reign of the Evil Queen and her army, four toys embark on a quest for a new home. From a sea-monster border-guard to a Samaritan Ice-Penguin, the toys meet smugglers and strange creatures on their journey as they search for a place of peace and belonging.

Beyond the Blue is about overcoming your fears and finding a light of hope in a world that’s crumbling around us. It looks at one of the most urgent issues of our time – the displacement of so many children – through the eyes of children. It was written by children in the UK wondering what it might be like to cross borders and look for a new home.


Original concept commissioned by Omnibus Theatre.

Running Time: 60 minutes

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TEDDY: Wayne Wilson

TIGER: Fay Summerfield

OWL: Helena McColl

MONKEY: Theo Toksvig-Stewart

Director: Camilla Gürtler

Designer: Niall McKeever

Photo by: Oli Kearon


Produced in agreement with: Omnibus Theatre


Special Thanks to:

The Old Vic Lab, Refugee Rights Europe, The Teddy Trust, Camden People's Theatre, Theatre Royal Stratford East

Special mention:

We are raising awareness for the Teddy Trust.

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