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WEEK 6 | The Ridiculous Darkness

"I have a right to appear here. Otherwise, who will listen to me? Where should I talk about myself, if not here?"


Ultimo has a degree in piracy from Mogadishu University of Applied Sciences. Tofdau won't rest until his story's told. Sergeant Pellner and Officer Dorsch are sailing up the Hindu Kush in search of Lieutenant Colonel Deutinger in the rainforest of Afghanistan. And at his parents' home in Bad Rippoldsau, Wolfram Lotz is experiencing writer's block.

Critically acclaimed dark comedy The Ridiculous Darkness, by award-winning German playwright Wolfram Lotz, is a surreal, hilarious and powerful response to Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now that invites us to rethink colonial narratives, confront our ideas of each other and question what we imagine is in the darkness. Four black femmes. Three revered white male writers. Two classic works. A radical deconstruction.

Wolfram Lotz - Writer 

Wolfram Lotz, born in Hamburg in 1981, grew up in the Black Forest. He studied Literature, Fine Arts and Media in Konstanz before enrolling for Literary Writing at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig. He writes theatre and radio plays, poetry and prose and has already been the recipient of numerous awards.

Daniel Brunet - Translator 

Daniel Brunet is a director, performer, producer and translator. He was born in Syracuse, New York in 1979 and studied theater and film at Boston College. He moved to Berlin in 2001 with the support of a Fulbright Scholarship and began a career as a freelance theater maker. Brunet founded THE LAB at English Theatre Berlin during his 2003/2004 directing residency. He was the Associate Director/Associate Producer of German Theater Abroad in Berlin and New York from 2005 to 2008. His work includes the bilingual performance Knick-Knack to the Future | Ruckzuck in die Zukunft, created with the artist collective copy & waste and invited to the 2015 steirischer herbst festival, the world premiere of Amy Evan’s play The Most Unsatisifed Town (April 2016, remounted in 2017) and the The Land of Milk(y) and Honey?, a documentary theater project exploring Israelis in Berlin in co-production with the ID Festival – Festival for Israeli-German art and culture, which enjoyed a completely sold-out run. Brunet has received multiple awards for his translations of German plays by writers including Wolfram Lotz, Dea Loher, Falk Richter, Roland Schimmelpfennig and Heiner Müller.

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