IKEA employee Laurence prepares to give a presentation to new recruits. But behind the scenes, he is in the midst of a crisis follow ing a brutal breakup and the death of his m other, and IKEA becomes his only safe haven. Locking him self in the store overnight, his reactions turn to guilt, environmentalism, mortality, spiders, and the imaginary security guard that appears from now here.

Refuge is a one-man play about loneliness and Western angst, mass-produced furniture, and much much more.
“I fought huge trolls, as big as Monsters of Fear can be, but with help from the good elves, I found the right keys”.

A nightmare of a fairy-tale, Searching for Being embodies a woman’s struggle with depression through a series of vivid poems. We join her on a journey through the dark, examining a universal issue many of us face on a daily basis. Exploring the musical and poetical tradition of the Faroe Islands, Searching for Being is a staged reading based on real events, featuring live music.
In the absence of anything meaningful in her life, Daphne worships her own appearance and social status, defining herself through class, money and men. When Daphne is forced to move out of her box-sized city centre room, she has to relocate to a cheaper alternative in the not-so-cool outskirts of town. Her new flat sports a fir tree by the window that begins to talk to her.

This one-woman play is about the destructive obsession with other people’s opinions and materialism, loneliness and class.
An ex-headteacher and a garage owner start a YouTube channel to try and save the garage from bankruptcy. Before Jack retires he wants one last attempt at saving his life’s work, and Olly sees a chance to distract himself from his failed marriage. The channel starts with the two men offering advice on how to fix tools, cars and parts, but it soon becomes riddled with controversial and unedited reactions on society and class which draw in a much bigger online audience than anticipated.
Counting to Zero is a figurative bomb. It begins with scene ten and counts down to zero. A stalker. A train track. The untimely death of a cow. How are they linked? A group of young people search for something that really means something, that demands a risk – something real and valuable. They all want to be seen by someone. But by who, and why does it really matter?

Counting to Zero is a staged reading of exciting and funny mosaic events, examining the need to be seen in today’s world.
Two women lead a performance lecture on climate change to brazenly inform us about the current situation of our planet. They embark on a frantic journey to solve the crisis once and for all. Listing the facts and statistics of what is happening to our planet – and expressing their concerns for their children, families and jobs – they try to find a solution here and now. But as the information becomes overwhelming, the two women spiral into absurdity in search for a plan(net) B.
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