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Our Work

We want to connect the world through everything we do. At the heart of our projects is international connection, skills-exchange between artists and new perspectives from across borders. We want to make international theatre more accessible to emerging and mid-career artists, which is why our projects are about the meeting between different artists, plays, and cultures, and what comes out of this exploration. We do this through festivals, showcases, talks and workshops, and artist development programmes. Sometimes, we also create our own productions, bringing new international plays and playwrights to the UK.

We see ourselves as fast movers - we never like to sit still, and we are always eager to find new ways of showcasing new international voices, and facilitating those important exchanges that makes our world feel just a bit more connected.


12-16 October 2021


Shining a light on Nordic theatre makers and culture, New Nordics Festival brought together five days of the best new plays from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands – both live and digital. Presented by Cut the Cord, the festival worked with emerging UK-based theatre-makers to explore what Nordic theatre is and how it can enrich UK theatre. Each day of the festival saw a play from a Nordic country as well as Q&As with the Nordic playwrights and artistic teams.

The festival also included workshops, online talks and discussions.



New Nordic Voices was a translation programme launched which translated plays from emerging Nordic playwrights from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland into English. The scheme aimed to enable Nordic talent to find an audience overseas, gaining further recognition through the translation of their text. 

Each playwright was mentored by an established translator and received a full English translation of their play at the end of the programme, which ended in a digital showcase.




Sustainable Leadership in the Arts was part of the Nordic Talks series with the Nordic Council of Ministers for International Leadership Week 16-19 November 2020. The 3-day event included 3 free online panels with Nordic and UK artistic leaders discussing their organisations' positive practices and what changes need to be made for the future. 

The talks focused on three key areas: Climate Action, Diversity and Inclusivity, and the Future of Artistic Leadership and Development. 



Plays by Post was a 12-week international play-club outreach project focusing on making new international plays and theatre accessible to artists and audiences in the UK in a time when physical connection across borders was impossible because of Covid-19. The project was an international play-club where a group of 50 participants read the same plays over the course of 12 weeks, exploring theatre-making from the countries involved through online workshops, sharing ideas with each other, and engaging in a panel discussion with the international writer, translator and British director on zoom webinars.

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Connecting Beyond Borders was a year-long online programme promoting collaborations at a time when we physically couldn't meet.

The programme connected artists from the UK with international artists from around the world. It included online masterclasses on the theatre culture from each of the participating countries, as well as broader workshops and podcasts on international collaborations and how to develop these in the future.

Project strands included: New Nordic Voices, Nordic Talks, and Play by Post.

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