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  by Line Mørkeby

  translated by Kim Dambæk


Cut the Cord presents I RUN, a new Danish play by Line Mørkeby shining a light on how we talk about death. 


A dad loses his 6-year old daughter to cancer, and his world falls apart. He doesn’t know how to process the life-shattering void following her premature death. He starts running to deal with his loss. Only, he can’t stop. He runs through the pain, the memories and the grief to try and find the point where he no longer runs, but soars – the point where he is close to her again. 

I Run is a fast-paced, explosive and moving one-man play about running, grief and missing someone we love. About how you survive the death of your child. It explores how exercise can improve mental health and why we find it so hard to talk about death.

I Run raises awareness of grief and how we cope with loss, aiming to improve the conversation about death, dying and grief. 

Running Time: 60 minutes



DAD: Max Keeble

ELLEN: Dolcie Quick (Voice)

Director: Camilla Gürtler

Writer: Line Mørkeby

Translation: Kim Dambæk

Designer: Niall McKeever

Assistant Designer: Emily Noble

Composer: Sarah Carton

Stage Manager: Charlotte Brown

Photo: Fay Summerfield

Graphic design: Sofi Lee-Henson


Produced in agreement with: International Performance Rights LTD


Special Thanks to:

The Danish Embassy UK, Children With Cancer, Puregym Waterloo, Nordiska, The British Council, The Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group, The DK UK Association, Drama Centre London.


Special mention:

We are raising awareness for Children With Cancer


And the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group.

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I RUN clip

I RUN clip

Play Video

"Acted on a treadmill this is a really punchy and challenging piece that is delivered sensitively and with genuine credibility."

UK Theatre Web


“I Run is pure velocity. It sucks you into the life-shattering void that is loss and places the spotlight on the self-destructive and challenging nature of male grief and depression.”

A Younger Theatre


“An incredibly moving and absorbing piece of theatre, an intense but also surprisingly invigorating experience.”

London Theatre1

”What this piece does well is opening up that difficult topic of grief with a painful but ultimately hopeful story. Thoughtful writing and an intense, visceral performance drum home that this is a critical issue we cannot continue to run away from.”

Play's The Thing UK


As his near-continuous running is boxed in by the fluorescent lights to his sides, he appears forever moving between entrapment and freedom – making the piece, as a whole, hellishly durational and inspiring in its persistence."

Total Theatre Magazine


"A really impressive performance"

I Run was Pleasance's pick of the week at the Vault Festival 2019



"Powerful and moving performance that gives food for thought. I am sure it will be a success in Edinburgh!"

Embassy of Denmark

The Pleasance

"Emotional and funny at the same time - congratulations on this moving rendition of the Danish play 'I Run'"

British Council Denmark

”I really enjoyed it and I even cried a little towards the end. It’s strong text with a challenging, important topic and it was very well directed and well performed.”

Embassy of Sweden

”A very interesting play. I really enjoyed how this one man was able to give meaning to all the different scenes, and how it was interesting to watch throughout, even though it “just” one man and “just” a treadmill.”

Embassy of Norway

"Gosh. I have never been to a performance where there were so many tears in the audience. Such a gripping interpretation which highlights what a childhood cancer parent must go through. Proud that Cut the Cord are supporting CCLG UK with this production"

The Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group

"A stellar performance by actor Max Keeble in I RUN at the Vault Festival. The topic was tough to even the most harded dealing with a dad's loss of daughter to leukaemia. Yet you could not help to get gripped by it all. Well done Cut the Cord!"

The Danish-UK Association

"WOW Cut the Cord, I Run was so raw and SO honest. Well done Max Keeble - in awe of you."



Kimberly St John, Let's Talk @ Vault Festival, 

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