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WEEK 2 | Going Through

“It's not always children's stories that happen to children.”

When the men come to drive her away, Youmna cuts off Nour's hair. And so begins one girl's journey. By bus, by lorry, into the sound of gun-shots, through adolescence and across borders.

The UK premiere of Estelle Savasta's critically acclaimed French play Traversée, Going Through is a bold play about the realities of child migration, combining English, BSL and Creative Captioning.


Estelle Savasta- Writer 

Estelle Savasta is a French writer and director, and founder of the theatre company Hippolyte a mal au cœur. Her first production as a director for the company was LEGRAND CAHIER by Agota Kristof, presented in a bilingual staging (French and Sign Language) in 2005. She wrote and directed the company’s second production, SEULE DANS MA PEAU D'ANE which was nominated for a Moliere in 2008.

After working with the International Visual Theatre in Paris, integrating French and Sign Language, she wrote and directed TRAVERSEÉE in 2011. The play has received multiple productions in France, Canada and soon Mexico. Other projects include LETTRES JAMAIS ECRITES in 2017, and her latest NOUS, DANS LE DESORDRE.

She has worked for the DSN, Scène Nationale de Dieppe where her play LEPREAMBULE DES ETOURDIS, created in collaboration with students of a local school, opened in 2014 and is currently touring France.

Estelle is an Associate Artist at Scène Nationale de Cavaillon where she developed two new shows in 2018/ 2019.

Kirsten Hazel Smith - Translator 

Kirsten grew up in France to Scottish parents, and trained as an actor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is trilingual: English, French and Spanish.

Kirsten’s first translation Going Through by Estelle Savasta was produced at the Bush Theatre, London in April 2019. She has also translated Estelle Savasta’s Unwritten Letters for the Cross Channel Theatre Group, and What World Do I Live in’ Dialogues Without Borders for Boundless Theatre and Théâtre de la Cité, Toulouse.

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