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15 October 11:00 - 12:30 BST


Panel Discussion:

Sustainability in Nordic Performance

This talk explored how an artist can incorporate sustainable practices into their performances, and how working sustainably can enrich a performance. Throughout the talk we explored the action points already implemented by artists, companies and movements on the panel, what positive change we’ve seen in the Nordic performing arts, and what future action points can help artists create national and international work that still considers climate action.


Annika Bromberg, performance designer, Sweden.

Jacob Teglgaard, Sustainable Performing Arts NOW, Denmark.

Abigael Winsvold, Acting for Climate, Norway.

Chaired by Cut the Cord's director & producer Camilla Gürtler.

Photo  Annika Bromberg.jpeg

Annika Bromberg, performance designer

Annika Bromberg studied set and costume design at Dramatiska Institutet from 1994-1997. She has designed sets and costumes for approximately 85 productions, mostly in Sweden but occasionally abroad. Several of her productions were selected to perform at the Swedish Performing Arts Biennale. Annika has been a guest lecturer in production design at Södertörn University in Stockholm and at Göteborg University in Gothenburg. She sits on the board of the Swedish Stage Designers Guild and she has recently joined the expert group of a new European project on developing Sustainability in Audiovisual production, on behalf of FIA and Scen och Film. This year, Annika finished a master's degree at Stockholm University of the Arts with a focus on international performing arts and sustainability.


Jacob Teglgaard, Sustainable Performing Arts Now (Bæredygtig Scenekunst NU)

Jacob Teglgaard is the co-founder of Bæredygtig Scenekunst NU (Sustainable Performing Arts NOW), entrepreneur and a professional actor. He has more than 15 years of experience with the performing arts scene in Denmark and has been the co-creator of various plays about climate change and sustainability. Jacob works hard to raise awareness about the cultural sector’s hidden potential to become the defining factor in the sustainable transition our societies has to undergo. He believes culture has the upper hand because the arts provides new narratives and ideas to the audiences.

And as he says: “if we can imagine change, then change is inevitable to come”.

Sustainable Performing Arts Now.png

Bæredygtig Scenekunst NU (Sustainable Performing Arts NOW) is the first NGO in Scandinavia working for sustainable change in the performing arts industry. By introducing ‘Guide to sustainable production’ and tools such as the ‘climate policy and action plan’ we have assisted not only Danish theaters, but also organisations and theaters in Scandinavia to make essential steps toward sustainability. 

We advise and support theaters and cultural organisations and function as a central platform for knowledge sharing in Scandinavia providing seminars and case studies on sustainable theatre productions.

Through our collaboration with Dansk Teater (theatre employer organisation) we have developed a binding agreement provided to the more than 80 theaters in Denmark.


Abigael Winsvold, Acting for Climate

Abigael Winsvold is the co-founder of Acting for Climate, and has her whole artistic life had an urge in finding ways to express issues related to climate change and sustainability through art. She grew up close to nature in the countryside in Norway and has been performing with Norway’s oldest street theatre Stella-Polaris life theatre since the age of 9.

The close work with nature and with the wildness in human beings has formed her further work in the arts sector. Abigael is specialised in the circus disciplines partner acrobatics and rope from the

contemporary circus educations AMoC (Academy for Modern Circus) in Copenhagen and CODARST Circus department in Rotterdam. In her artistic work she focuses on interdisciplinary work by combining dance, theatre and circus, with focus on combining scientific research in the art-processes.

Abigael has extensive experience in running workshops in rope, aerial acrobatics, partner acrobatics and Acting for Climate’s methodes.

acting for climate.png

The seed of Acting for Climate was planted in Norway in 2015 by Abigael Winsvold and Victoria Gulliksen, wanting to use their profession as artists to inspire action for a sustainable future. Now, they are a company creating and touring their own performances, and a growing network of people, artists and activists that nurture collaboration for sustainability. Acting for Climate will always strive towards developing the art field, through cross-disciplinary work, and challenging the methods and expressions of contemporary performing arts.

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