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A masterclass on Representation & Casting - how to create authentic representation on stage, and the power of working with non-actors.

Led by director Tue Biering, Artistic Director of Fix&Foxy.

Directing - Denmark

Directing - Denmark

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Tue Biering

Over the last 20 years Tue Biering has initiated and directed a wide range of performances: new dramatic pieces, classics, operas, interactive performances among others. Biering takes on our notions of the world and shows audience new aspects of what surrounds us all and the stories we believed we knew. Under the pseudonym Fix&Foxy, he turns classics into hyperreal performances by staging “real” people instead of performers.


Fix & Foxy is a multi-award winning theatre company based in Copenhagen which develops performances and works collectively with artists of all genres, and people of many backgrounds, to deliver original experiences in and outside of conventional performing arts spaces. Productions include Rocky!, Dark Noon, Land Without Dreams, and My Deer Hunter.

Fix&Foxy are currently producing the digital production AVATAR ME for RE:LOCATIONS Festival April 16-May 8. 

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