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Kervane by AySay 

(Direct Translation)

To the woman a rose is given

a kiss is put on her cheek


Don't talk, my beautiful

Don't shake, my beautiful


To the woman gold is bought

and her eyes tell her value


Don't look my beautiful

Don't cry, my beautiful


Throughout many years

Our eyes were pointed towards the moon

and now we're going back


Don't be afraid, handsome,

don't resist, handsome

Don't be afraid, my beautiful

don't resist, my beautiful


I won't be silent, hey

I won't be full, hey

I will sing ”le le le”

I won't give up,

I'm not a little bird

Listen: ”le le le”

This is not living

We will say stop

I'm from the South

I'm from the North

Listen: ”le le le”

A caravan is coming

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