Rethinking how we reach artists across the world and promote international skills-exchange, Connecting Beyond Borders promotes even stronger collaborations now that we physically cannot meet. The programme seeks to connect artists from the UK with international artists from around the world. It includes online workshops on the theatre culture from each of the participating countries, as well as broader workshops and podcasts on international collaborations and how to develop these in the future.

The programme includes activities that strengthen international relationships, collaborations and awareness at a time when we can feel the most isolated. They highlight the importance of international theatre and inter-cultural exchange during COVID-19 and the immediate future, when the physical borders to the rest of the world are shut or travel inaccessible. The activities aim to ensure that artists stay connected across the world and continue to learn from and show solidarity with each other, developing their international network and perspectives during this time and for the future. They will inspire artists and audiences in the UK and Nordic countries to engage with new international writing from the safety of their homes and connect and network with each other through zoom webinars and online workshops.

Project strands: